I have aged during Pandemic. I have discovered Korean Drama and sit hour upon hour watching, not moving, decaying.
I argue with the 3 me's inside my mind. In the beginning we all came together to understand Covid.

 I love SciFi and Contagion was one of my favorites along with The Stand and so many more.  So when I was sitting in my chair on the alley side at night, I saw a satellite traveling north west to north east I was excited. Then I saw another one following that one...then two side by side on the same path, then single one, well this continued and my minds couldn't understand....one said it was because I was stoned. the other me went back over all the scenarios, the wealthy leaving Earth, missiles heading for the east coast...I decided to go to bed, this was way too abstract. 

(Look up SpaceX, Starlink)


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