I know that humans and their technology will change just as it has in my past. In high school and college we were not aware of computer graphics, NFT, the amazing world of computer genius. 
What do you call human....I can look around the world and see so much of the past in their present. At what point will the nations of the world come together and use 3/4 of the earth surface  water for all life. 
What is the role of the artist....I am screaming to have you see inside my mind....and I am screaming in my mind to create what I see. 
Talk to me, see me, hear me, acknowledge me. Humans are craving for this...I am craving this. 
People are now able to create worlds that are not real,...., creative worlds done so brilliantly by computer intervention. 
I follow artist in Skagit valley and the world. You do amaze me....and you are underwhelming. 
Artist....we/I have the need to create and expose....
All creative people...and I am talking about all types of art. Writer, poets, dancers, actors, sculpture....and now video is enveloping all. 
Pandemic....will this be the beginning of future life.We knew of such sickness in poor areas of the world but no here in the richer countries. At what time do we realize the world is here...landing at every airport. 
Thank you for reading my rant


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